Established in 1987 as a small-scale software house, Capecod Gaming, is today a leading operator in the gaming industry.  Specializing in the development and worldwide retail of premium online games and the iGaming Platform®, Capecod Gaming takes special pride in its 100% Made in Italy products.


Our in-house team of engineers, designers, marketing wizards and product experts are on hand to design, create and distribute some of the finest online games available. We are also proud to offer the iGaming Platform® to our clients, our branded software for integration, communication and data analysis.


We chose the name Capecod for its two-fold meaning: one one hand, Capecod has been the first place in the world to ever receive a wireless radio signal. Impressive stuff on its own, even more so if one considers that the signal was being sent to America by Guglielmo Marconi, a  very well-known Italian inventor born and bred in Bologna, a stone’s throw from our headquarters.

On the other hand, we always felt a special connection with Massachusetts, the great land which houses both Capecod and the MIT, world’s leading university when it comes to technology, innovation and imagination – something we, too, feel quite good at.

So here we are: Capecod Gaming set to conquer massive horizons.