The sun, the sea...and Pulcinella are back to give you a ‘2nd chance’ across the colorful and lively streets of the most energetic Italian city. The original and engaging slot machine of Bella Napoli 2nd Chance – famous for celebrating the Neapolitan culture - it’s back with an even more captivating game: Free Spin, Respin as well as the peculiar Tombola Bonus will glue you to the screen while listening to Tarantella music.

95,28% - 95,42% - 95,65%  33,05% Medium


The Special Symbols of BELLA NAPOLI 2nd CHANCE


Pulcinella acts as Wild Symbol and substitutes for all symbols except for the Bonus one. During Freespin mode, Pulcinella acts as a Random Wild Symbol, which can appear everywhere on the reels increasing the winnings. 
Every time 3 or 4 “Bonus” symbols are obtained, Pulcinella gives the player a respin of the reels not including that symbol to give an additional chance to reach the combination of 5 “Bonus”, that would allow accesso to the Tombola Bonus.  In the event that an additional “Bonus” symbol is obtained during the respin - but the total of 5 is not reached - a further respin is assigned. 


5 'Bonus' symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate bonus Tombola. During this Bonus, Pulcinella will let the player choose a set of cards with which he will play the game. Once the choice is made, the numbers’ draw phase will start and the first card that will be completed will assign the corresponding number of Freespins to the player.


The Freespins won during Tombola will be played immediately after the exit from the Bonus phase. The night begins, fireworks start and Random Wild symbols may appear! They substitute for all symbols except for the Bonus ones, and they increase win chances. Once the available Freespins are over, the bonus phase ends and the game returns to the base mode. 


At any time during the normal game phases -  after setting the desired bet level - it is possible to purchase one of the following game modes through the appropriate panel:

TOMBOLA BONUS: the choice is among one of three sets, each composed by a bronze, a silver and a gold card. Following, there will be the draw of the numbers of Tombola to try to win as many freespins as possible. They will be played immediately after the discovery of the winning card. The bonus can be purchased by paying a sum equal to 35 times the bet level.

GOLDEN TOMBOLA BONUS: here the choice is among three sets of all golden and particularly rich cards. Then there is the extraction to the game of Tombola that will allow you to obtain a high number of freespins, to be played immediately after the discovery of the winning card. The bonus can be purchased by paying a sum equal to 80 times the bet level.